Developing ideas into

We think lean. We develop your ideas into a MVP that provides value for your business.
Our developers enjoy solving challenging problems. They love to explore and dig deeper.
We offer post-launch maintenance so you can focus on building better company.
Mobile Apps

These days, smart phones have become an integral part of our lives. Efficiency and clarity of coding are necessary to make your app stand out from the crowd. Mobile developers at nerdyfactory build highly optimized mobile applications combined with elegant design. We guarantee to develop your idea into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

Internet of Things

As technology advances, more of our devices are connected to the internet. These devices require broader engineering capablity to utilize applications. It is necessary to understand network protocols - such as bluetooth or serial communication - and to possess expertise about hardwares like sensors or embedded softwares. nerdyfactory's highly trained and experienced developers can support all of your needs for those applications.


Well-designed APIs are critical for an application in terms of scalablity, flexiblity and manageability. Carefully considered architecture can reduce potential cost of development, and save on computing resources. nerdyfactory's capability of architecture design comes from our experience working with small e-commerce sites as well as large scale systems.

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FORTYEIGHT is a mobile/desktop app for letting people know their presence detected by companies in the on/offline space which was developed for Harmonise Technology Ltd in the UK. We've built an API server with AWS lambda and a front-end app with react. The front-end app uses PWA(Progressive Web App) technology. With the PWA, the app supports push notifications, offline-support, and mobile/desktop installation.

Super genie
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Super genie is a mobile app that enables users to control breast pumps from pumpables based in Singapore. The app records user's manipulation of the pump and creates a program based on the record. Users can share the programs with people and download the programs from others. We made the app with react-native and firebase and the app control the pumps via BLE

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Cravified is a service managed by a Canadian startup, cravified, Inc. This service aims at reducing the inequality between supply and demand in the food and bevarage industry by realizing instant information exchange. We have been in charge of design, development and deployment and have implemented the immediate information exchange with Firebase Cloud Messaging, mobile application with React Native and back-end with Ruby on Rails

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Borg mobile app for iOS and Android was developed to provide an integrated experience to their users for VisionX lighting systems, a dominant aftermarket car lighting system. Borg consists of a bluetooth device paired with a mobile app. The bluetooth device is embedded in the lighting system and contains sensors for pressure, accelerometer, temperature, gyroscope and so on. Through device communication, the Borg app can control the lighting system and display dashboard containing various useful and practical information.

nerdyfactory is

We are former developers previously worked with IBM, Samsung, HP, LG and startups. Working at a fast growing startup helped us to learn how to work with the lean way and the latest web technologies, and experience developing large scale systems taught us things that need to be considered when designing mission critical systems. With the experience of various types of development projects, we started nerdyfactory, a development company specializing in software for connected devices such as mobile phone, tablet and IoT devices.

nerdyfactory loves open source software. We contribute to various open source projects. Below are open source projects we have used.